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    Comments: I was referred to Dr. Gilotra by a 2nd orthopedic surgeon because the initial surgeon had me "wait and see, more PT, come back and see me in 2 months, not really repairable". Almost 10 months after my injury, a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep head, I got referred to Dr. G by the 2nd local orthopedic surgeon who felt the long wait since my injury made the damage difficult to repair. At my first visit with Dr. G., this kind and brilliant man explained my options, asked if I wanted to be in a study and said he'd be in touch with a procedure date soon. A week later he called me with a surgery date. The University staff was very helpful in getting information to my employer and the insurance company to arrange for the short-term disability, The day of surgery everything was clearly explained to me again by Dr. G, the anesthesiologist, and the nursing staff. Surgery went well. Information I'd read online warned of terrible bruising, pain and a long recovery. I was lucky and my surgeon was skilled. I used Rx pain meds for only 3 days and didn't bruise. When I returned for PT, the therapist I had worked with since the original injury more than a year earlier was very surprised by the lack of pain and range of motion. Before surgery this same therapist told me not to expect miracles, that he had seen less than positive outcomes after "extreme", his word, procedures like I had. I returned to work 13 weeks after surgery and a year post-op my shoulder feels great, like the injury never happened. Even with the COVID pandemic, my experience with Dr. G. and the University System has only been positive, like a well oiled machine. Thank you for fixing me.