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  • I'm not sure if there's such a thing, but this has been my best surgery. Dr. Gilotra and his team was tremendous! Also, the after care was exceptional as well. Definitely top notch!

    ~ L M ~

  • Dr. Gilotra treated my osteochondritis dissecans with an OATS procedure using transplanted cartilage from a cadaver donor. Before surgery I had been suffering from elbow pain for years and it was affecting my ability to work and exercise. Dr. Gilotra explained the procedure so I knew what to expect....

    ~ S K ~

  • I am very happy with my results. Dr.Gilotra was very professional every visit. His instruction has led to my full recovery.

    ~ T W ~

  • Dr. Gilotra no was amazing, he took care of me from the beginning until last appointment.

    ~ C S ~

  • From start to finish, everything was done well. Even though the hospital was in Laurel, a good distance from my home, everything was handled efficiently and with no issues. My shoulder has healed great. Dr. Gilotra did a great job. It is like I never have the rotator cuff tears. All support staff wa...

    ~ A G ~

  • I suffered with significant pain in my right shoulder for about 5yrs where I had a replacement shoulder done 25 yrs ago. After attempts with physical therapy, cortisone injections, meds & pain management visits I had no relief. I was referred to Dr. Gilotra because of his reputation of dealing wit...

    ~ G F ~

  • Dr. Gilotra repaired my torn rotator cuff and biceps tendon on 10/13/23 and today, 03/22/24 I have full range of motion and I live pain free with no restrictions. I highly recommend Dr. Gilotra and anyone dealing with him and him associates will surly be impressed!

    ~ D G ~

  • Dr. Gilotra and his team were superb from my first visit through surgery and follow-up care. Thanks to Dr. Gilotra and the excellent physical therapy I received from Peter Bowman, I have full function in my shoulder and can participate in all of the activities that I enjoyed before my injury

    ~ B K ~

  • Dr Gilotra is hands down the BEST shoulder surgeon out there!!! He has performed 5 out of the 6 shoulder surgeries I needed. Most recent being a traumatic rotator cuff repair.
    He made the process very smooth.
    I did underestimate the amount of pain and the long process of recovery th...

    ~ A B ~

  • Dr. Gilotra did a wonderful job with my left shoulder replacement. He was very caring, kind and professional and took time to explain everything. I would highly recommend him to anyone with shoulder or other orthopedic joint problems.

    ~ W M ~

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