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  • From my consult to post surgery, my shoulder replacement surgery went smoothly. The entire staff is very professional and personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Gilotra and his staff!

    ~ K M ~

  • Having had previous rotator cuff surgery I had an idea what to expect. I was surprised to find this surgical experience to be much easier than before. The results have been wonderful and I am back to work pain free. I found Dr Gilotra to be professional, kind and thorough. I would definitely recom...

    ~ J Y ~

  • Great results with great customer service!

    ~ S E ~

  • I was referred to Dr. Gilotra by a 2nd orthopedic surgeon because the initial surgeon had me "wait and see, more PT, come back and see me in 2 months, not really repairable". Almost 10 months after my injury, a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep head, I got referred to Dr. G by the 2nd local orthopedi...

    ~ E K ~

  • I had surgery on the outside of my elbow and was having issues from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where My elbow on rotation was dislocating in and out of place Dr.Gilotra performed a procedure to where he used some tissue from a cadaver donor and fused it with muscles and ligaments in and around the elbow to...

    ~ D B ~

  • Due to the extent of my injury, Dr. Gilotra was referred to me by a well-known specialist who said Dr. Gilotra was more experienced at dealing with the intricacies of my shattered shoulder. I was impressed with the warm personal attention I received on each visit where I felt comfortable asking que...

    ~ M J ~

  • The entire procedure from the initial appointment to the completion of my surgeries were very professional. Dr. Gilotra explained all the procedures and the follow up was excellent. All the questions I wrote in the portal were answered and explained as well as any follow up questions.

    ~ J F ~

  • Dr. Gilotra has done surgery on both of my shoulders over the past 5 years and the outcomes have been great. He is very knowledgeable about the research on shoulder surgery and recovery. He listens well and when answering questions is able to cite specific studies and outcomes. This made me feel ver...

    ~ M R ~

  • I was referred to Dr. Gilotra by a local specialist whose reputation is top notch. She advised she did not want to perform my surgery due to the complexity and amount of damage, and that she trusted Dr. Gilotra completely with the surgery.

    I met Dr. Gilotra and he exhibited complete ...

    ~ J F ~

  • Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Gilotra taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options.Highly recommended.

    ~ R B ~

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